Edmonton’s original studio to offer the SURFSET workout method. Operating since August 2014, SURFSET has been rated one of the top 10 fitness trends! Showing up in magazines, on local news as well as on ABCs Shark Tank. SURFSET takes working out to a whole different level. Fitness should be fun, being active should be made apart of your daily life and not thought of as a chore. Studies have shown that if you find an activity that is both stimulating and fun then the chances of you ending that vicious start and stop cycle of working out will end and instead it will actually become apart of your everyday routine!

The Surfset workout method consists of cardio, core, balance and lean muscle building that is all performed on top of an unstable surfboard. Classes range from 30minutes-45minutes. Versatility of the different styles of classes are endless and easily modified for all athletic abilities. The Surf Studio is all about keeping your body guessing, we also offer Circuit HIIT training as well as different types of Yoga, including yoga on the boards! Low impact but high intensity, SURFSET will help you gain muscle strength, stamina, learn surf inspired moves, as well as bring a whole lot of fun into your daily routine!